performance by Chicks on Speed, Boris Ondreička, APART

The cult Germany-based band Chicks on Speed comprising an Australian and an American was formed in Munich the same year as Pohoda Festival (1997). The band are one of the most significant representatives of electroclash. Their concerts feature performance art with multi-genre music, design as well as fashion… and, last but not least, fun.

Throughout their career, Chicks on Speed have collaborated with the likes of Yoko Ono or Peaches. With Peaches, they recorded their best-known track “We Donʼt Play Guitars.” Their live performances and gigs remove differences between digital and analogue; between virtual and handmade art. Besides varied music, their shows feature all sorts of props (sewing machine, iron, etc.). At their shows, you donʼt have to be afraid of heavy contemporary art. Most of all, Chicks on Speed have a good deal of fun to offer. Just like our production manager, Mišo Sládek, Monika Satková (booking assistant) experienced the best shindig at Pohoda 2006. For her, it wasnʼt the Gogol Bordello concert, but the rescheduled night slot of Chickson Speed.