Peter Sit born in 1991 @ Trnava, Czechoslovakia

Peter Sit (1991) studies in the Studio of photography led by Aleksandra Vajd and Hynek Alt at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague. In 2012 he became the co-founder of the civil association called Apart (, which aims to support connection of people with the interest of activating cultural life and to create the optimal terms for mediation of visual art and photography to the public, especially by project-based and publication activities (the core of the association are currently beside Sit also Denis Kozerawski, Andrej Žabkay and graphic designer Magda Scheryová). In his artworks he went through wholly mrguedium of photography to more widely media based and situationally concieved acts. The creating itself is for the author a tool for discovering, examining and at the same time living the life and everyday reality that he naturally captures with art. He is active in various spheres of culture. Until now his bigger group project has been the participation at the discourse platform 'Revolution without Movement' , iniciated by Gallery HIT and association in November 2014, in which together with Erik Janeček and Matej Myslovič a social club was re-iniciated in the space of the gallery, referring to the former same usage of this place a long time ago. He had a solo exhibition in December 2014 in Bratislava and at the end of January 2015 in Ústí nad Labem.

Co - curated w/ APART:

2016 Mehraneh Atashi - Safe Landing @ HIT Gallery, Bratislava, SK

2016 A Forming of Inevitable Blue @ HIT Gallery, Bratislava, SK

Selected solo exhibithions:

2017 Possibility of Preserving by APART Collective @ Kunsthalle Bratislava, SK

2016 Darkness Does Not Exist. It is Only Us Who Do Not
See the Light
@ AMT _ project, Bratislava, SK

2015 Anima Mundi @ Armaturka (Malá galerie), Ústí nad
Labem, CZ

2014 Weightiness of the Consciousness of the World, an
Inability of the Soul to Breathe
@ Laurinská 14, Bratislava,

2013 Apartment 24/7 @ Photoport gallery, Bratislava,

Selected group exhibithions and projects:

2016 Milan Adamčiak - Panphilia, guests: Mate Gavula, APART @ Zahorian & Van Espen, Bratislava, SK

2016 LESSON OF RELATIVITY @ Zoya Gallery, Bratislava, SK

2016 27th Brno Biennial 2016 @ The Moravian Gallery in Brno, CZ

2016 Handle With Care - Fragile - Thank You @ Photoport,
Bratislava, SK

2015 Diversity of Voices @ ESSL MUSEUM, AT

2015 There Is No Place Like Home. East or West, Home
Is the Best
@ Kunsthalle, Košice, SK

2015 7. Zlín Youth Salon 2015 @ Regional gallery of fine
arts in Zlin, CZ

2015 Essl Art Award Cee 2015 @ Galery MEDIUM, Bratislava, SK

2015 29. August @ Flat of Miroslav Csolle, Bratislava, SK

2014 Revolution Without Movement @ Galéria HIT in
cooperation with, Bratislava, SK

2014 Diversity Required @ SNG, Bratislava, SK

2014 A Process @ Neue Galerie im Höhmannhau, Augsburg, DE

2013 Young medium III @ Slovak East Gallery, Košice, SK

Performances & Lectures:

2017 Discussion: Conceptual art in the context of (art) education w/ Anna Remešová, Jiří Žák @ Tranzitdispay, Prague, CZ

2016 Chicks on Speed, Boris Ondreička, APART - VEILLANCE @ Pohoda festival, Trenčín, SK


2016 Athens Partahhiana @ Are, Athens, GR

Awards and nominations:

2017 APART - finalist of Oskár Čepan Award

2015 Winner of ESSL award 2015

2013 Finalist of Photo of the year VÚB


2016 HARVEST @ RED Gallery, London, UK

2013 Les Rencontres d’Arles @ Arles, FR


in Slovak national gallery, in private collections


2015 - 2017 The Academy of Arts, Architecture and
Design in Prague, Photography, doc. MgA. Aleksandra

2013 - 2015 The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in
Bratislava, Intermedia and Multimedia, Atelier “IN”, Doc.
Ilona Németh, DLA

2011 - 2013 The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in
Bratislava, Photography and New Media, Laboratory of
photography, prof. Ľubo Stacho

2013 The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
in Prague, Photography, doc. MgA. Aleksandra Vajd a
MgA. Hynek Alt, M.F.A.